Overview of our Procedures and Services

The first visit is an opportunity for you to learn about us, and for us to become familiar with your needs and desires. You will give us information about your periodontal, dental, and medical history. A thorough examination is taken of your mouth. X-rays and/or photographs are taken of the areas of concern. We will discuss the findings, the causes that can hopefully be reduced (prevention), the treatment options, and the costs. Your questions will be addressed. If your needs are limited to specific treatments unrelated to gum disease, those procedures are thoroughly discussed and appointed as you wish. A complete report will be sent to your dentist.

Common conditions and treatments are listed below.

Conditions needing functional/aesthetic correction Common treatments
Periodontal diseases Periodontal therapy
Bone loss Regeneration
Missing teeth Implants
Gum recessions Soft tissue grafting
Excess gums Cosmetic crown lengthening
Short teeth Cosmetic crown lengthening
Decay below gums Crown lengthening
Fracture below gums Biopsy
Hopeless tooth Ridge preservation, implant
Caved in ridge Ridge augmentation (bone and tissue grafting)
Low maxillary sinus Sinus lift and bone graft
Unerupted Teeth Tooth exposure and tissue graft
Abnormal tissue

Each patient is so different that diagnosis and treatment planning is personalized.

As indicated more advanced assessments are employed including:

  • Bacterial analysis including phase microscope, DNA analysis, culture and sensitivity
  • Genetic and systemic risk factor analysis
  • Local risk factor analysis (eg. smoking)
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Cosmetic evaluation
  • Tomography/CT Scan before implants (computer generated cross sectional x-rays)

The examination is generally not a time when procedures are performed (except in children), but it is instead a time to gather information and decide what to do.

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