Why the Boats?

Redwood BoatDr_Gerald_Summerhays
Redwood Periodontics was originally founded by Dr. Gerald Summerhays, a nautical enthusiast who collected model boats and displayed them in the office.


Redwood Office BoatsOver the years, our collection has grown to over 100 boats, as patients continue to express their gratitude by sending us boats from all over the world.  The nautical theme runs throughout our decor, and if you look closely at our office, you’ll even notice that it is designed to simulate walking around a sailing vessel.

For all of us at Redwood, the boats provide a powerful reminder of the core values that guide our philosophy of patient care:

Redwood SmoothSmooth Sailing From scheduling your appointment to undergoing your procedure to a healthy, happy recovery, our goal is to make your experience as smooth and comfortable as possible.


BoatsCourageous Discovery The early explorers and pilgrims faced their fears head-on as they sailed to uncharted territories in search of a brighter future.  We honor that same kind of courage and aspiration we see every day in our patients.  Let’s face it, periodontal work can be daunting and even painful, but our goal is to be with you during every moment of your voyage as you set off towards a bright tomorrow.

Redwood Smile Smiling and Enjoying Life The wind in your face, the gentle waves against the boat, and the sun reflecting off the water… for us, boating embodies the spirit of what it means to live life to the fullest.  In everything we do, we never lose sight of the end result: providing you with a healthier, more beautiful smile so that you have confidence, health, and peace of mind to more fully enjoy your time with the activities and people you love.


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